Our Responsibility

Case Farms has built its business on a commitment to ensuring the health and welfare of its chickens, which are raised cage-free. The company is equally committed to ensuring the health and welfare of all employees.

Community Involvement

At Case Farms, we care about our team members, their families and friends, and the communities that surround them and our facilities. That is why, since our inception, we have supported organizations that help make our world a better place. Whether the focus is healthcare, education, child care, safety, community development, medical research or another worthy cause, Case Farms has always supported organizations large and small.

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Animal Welfare

We are committed to responsibly using resources so that chickens are raised efficiently and affordably. This allows our partner family farmers to make a living, while providing products that offer quality nourishment at an affordable price.

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Food Safety

Food Safety is our number one priority at Case Farms and ensuring we maintain a culture focused on this vital part of our daily business is a concentrated effort by all associates.

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Worker Safety

Employees are our most important asset, and their safety is of paramount importance. Providing a work environment, and culture, that ensures our employee’s safety and health is a top priority at Case Farms. This commitment to safety is shared by all employees and is rooted in the belief that safety can be managed, and incidents can be eliminated.

We utilize a Safety Management System that includes management commitment and accountability, policies and procedures, employee education and training, incident investigation, hazard identification, performance tracking and strategic planning. To validate our programs each facility participates in an internal and external auditing process.

We strive for continuous improvement in the unrelenting pursuit of an outstanding safety culture. We believe it is every employee’s responsibility to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

We are committed to providing our employees a safe and health environment to work in.

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