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Case Farms Chicken Products
  • Case Farms offers many ready-to-cook breaded items to save time in the kitchen. Preparing a meal has never been easier or more delicious!

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    Prepared Foods

    Breaded items include:

    • Filets
    • Boneless Wings
    • Party Wings
    • Strips
    • Tenders
    • Popcorn
    • Dark & White Diced Meat

    Formed Products include:

    • Patties
    • Nuggets
    • Tenders

    IQF Products Include:

    • Random Boneless Breast
    • Portioned Boneless Breast
    • Tenders
    • Wings

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  • Case Farms offers an extensive array of products for the food service industry. A commitment to customer service and superior quality allows Case Farms to be a leader in the food service industry.

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    Food Service

    Case Farms produces both raw and marinated products, packaged in CVP or Ice Pack.

    Case Farms broad line of products includes:

    • Boneless Skinless Breasts
    • Boneless Skinless Leg Meat
    • Boneless Skinless Thighs
    • Party Wings
    • Tenders and Split Tenders
    • Whole legs
    • Roaster Products
    • Portion Control Boneless Skinless Breasts
        - Filet sizes from 3oz to 8oz
        - Butterfly sizes from 6oz to 10oz
    • Sized WOGs
    • 8 and 9 Piece Cut (dry and marinated)
    • Splits and Quarters (dry and marinated)

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  • Case Farms recognizes the importance of quality, consistency, price point, and protein solution options to the Asian Food Service community.

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    Asian Food Service

    That's why Case Farms has introduced our TASTY EIGHT Premium Roaster Product line developed specifically for the Asian Food Service marketplace.

    We welcome you to try our complete product line of bone-in and boneless Roaster Products today.

    Tasty Eight Premium Roaster products include:
    • WOGs
    • Whole Legs
    • Breast
    • Boneless Legmeat
    • Boneless Breast

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  • Case Farms is dedicated to meeting international specifications and shipping requirements to deliver high-quality products to our worldwide partners.

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    International Trade

    Products include:
    • Drumsticks
    • Leg Quarters
    • Paws- Medium and Jumbo
    • Wingtips- Medium and Jumbo
    • Whole Legs-Sized
    • Skin-on Leg Meat
    • Trim Meat
    • Boneless Breast
    • Sized WOGs
    • Livers and Gizzards

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  • Case Farms is a major supplier of raw material for many of the brand name products consumed on a daily basis.

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    Industrial Foods

    Products include:
    • Jumbo Boneless Breast
    • Jumbo 99% Fat Free Boneless Breast
    • Jumbo Tenders / Jumbo Cut Tenders
    • Mechanically Separated Chicken

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  • Case Farms has expanded its product mix and now offers high quality products for the Fast Food & Deli Segments.

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    Fast Food & Deli

    Products include:

    • 8 piece Cut Up (dry and marinated)
    • 9 piece Cut Up (dry and marinated)
    • Supplemental Dark Meat (dry and marinated)
    • Truss Tied WOG's (dry and marinated)

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